Analysis of the four major factors restricting the rapid development of China's mold industry

Mold development and developing with the development of modern industry. Mold production technology of level, has become one of the important sign to measure the level of a national manufacturing product, because the die determines the quality, efficiency and new product development ability in the very great degree. The mold said, in recent years, China's mold industry has a great development, but its development needs compared with foreign advanced level there are still many factors:

First, the overall level of mold is low, uneven development

Although the products of individual enterprises has reached a very high level, some products of individual enterprises has reached the international level, but on the whole, the mold precision, cavity surface roughness, the production cycle, life and other indicators as compared with foreign advanced level there is a big gap. Mold production and business management level and foreign industrial developed countries have more than ten years gap.

Second, the market demand, the obvious contradiction between supply and demand

The development of production is difficult to keep up with, is difficult to solve the contradiction between supply and demand, the supply situation will continue for a period of time, especially in high-end products more prominent contradictions. People of various equipment and supplies lightweight and beautiful appearance and feel of the increasingly high demand, for the plastic products which provide a wider market. Plastic products to develop, must follow the development of plastic mold. In the process of economic globalization, competitive industries, especially like die so dependent on the special user, need a single production industry, many enterprises is the system and operating mechanism is still very difficult to adapt to the changing market.

Third, backward mold technology and process equipment

Although some enterprises through technical transformation in recent years, the level of their more advanced process equipment, but most enterprises are still relatively backward technology and equipment. More important is our enterprise organization coordinated ability is poor, difficult to integrate or mobilize social resources for our use, which would be difficult to undertake large projects. Therefore, the mold pointed out, we must have independent intellectual property rights and to master the core technology, applied for patents, to the development of high-tech direction, to do high-end mold with high technical content, in order to win the market.

Fourth, enterprise management lag, weak innovation ability

Technological backwardness is often easy to see, backward management is sometimes more difficult to realize. China's mold enterprises are mostly small and medium-sized enterprises, developed from the workshop or the family enterprises, there are still many private enterprises or workshops, extensive management mode. The management level and the means of this kind of backward, severely constrained the development of enterprises, more can not adapt to the fierce competition of mould market. Research and development of less investment, more important is the idea behind, lack of attention to the development of. Domestic and foreign mold enterprise management of the gap is very obvious, the gap between management and the problems brought about by more often than the technical gap is more serious.

Looking to the future, the main users of domestic mould industry in China will continue to rapid development, sustained and rapid development of the plastic mold will also. The mold pointed out, the main problems existing in the through domestic and international exchanges and cooperation, through the joint efforts of the entire industry, through mutual support in all aspects, will be gradually solved. To avoid vicious competition, reducing internal friction, safeguard the interests of enterprises, but also can give full play to their respective advantages of enterprise, accomplish.

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